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Application of Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Heavy Earthworks Operations

Author : Farshad Asadbeigi, Ali Golsoorat Pahlaviani, Javad Majrouhi Sardroud

Most of the major projects in the construction industry are faced with earthwork operations, so that one can rarely find a construction project that does not have such operations. For infrastructure projects, ground operations are one of the major areas of the project, and a wide range of constru

Analysis of the role of urban elements in urban identity (Case study: Rasht city)

Author : Mohammad Ali Danesh Sedigh, Parnaz Goodarzparvari

The presence of elemental elements in addition to beauty improves the quality of space, and this quality affects the human mind and affects the sense of place and collective memories of citizens. Urban planners should use urban elements that promote the transfer of urban identity to the city, whi

Fabrication of PVA/GO nanofibers by electrospinning process for the removal of lead (II) and copper (II) ions from aqueous solutions

Author : Farnoosh Rezaeifard

In the present study, the poly (vinyl alcohol)//graphene oxide Nano sheets (PVA/GO) were successfully synthesized via electrospinning process and its application for the removal of lead (II) and copper (II) ions was investigated in a batch system.The graphiteNano sheets were also modified by HCl

Feasibility of oil pollution elimination from water by microorganisms at the water recycling plant of refineries

Author : Hamid Keykhah

In this study, contamination of microbial indicators including total count of microorganisms, total count of forms, identification of Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus counting were investigated in 80 samples with oil wastewater pollutions, oil pollutions, pollutions caused by condensates and

Numerical study of the effect of channel and nano-fluid characteristics on the heat transfer parameters in triangular-quadratic and rectangular channels

Author : Sajjad rastad, Seyed ali agha mirjalilily

Nanosilates are a new heat transfer medium that consists of suspensions of particles usually made of metal in Nano dimensions in the base fluid. Using Nano silicates that have higher thermal conductivity and displacement coefficients compared to conventional fluids, can save energy consum

Numerical simulation of the turbulent fluid column movement with Open FOAM software

Author : Sajjad rastad, mehdi Ahmadi, Amir oloomi

The turbulent flow of natural disasters is a major event that can lead to a major catastrophe with devastating lives. In addition to the complex nature of the flow, the existence of environmental barriers and conditions changes the pattern of rapid changes in the flow, which causes the complexity

Structural study of writing and typography in posters in Iran

Author : Mohammad Ali Danesh Sedigh, seyed Mehdi Norani

Design of letters or typography is the core of the design of visual communication. In a world full of infinite information and messages, the design of letters is a must-see, which should even be interesting at first before reading it. Poster art information, as part of the information system, has

Plant establishment location along with case study

Author : Mahmud Hojabrian , Mohammad Reza Shojaei movahhed

    One of the most important factors influencing market development and competitiveness is determining the appropriate location for the construction and start-up of companies and plants. So far, various models have been presented by researchers in the field of industrial centers l

Study the effect of Gotvand oliya dam on the water Quality of Khuzestan Provinces and its Solutions

Author : Gholamreza Baseri , Professor Ali Ghafourian

Rivers are the most important sources of water supply for drinking costs, agricultural and industrial purposes. Therefore, assessment of their qualitative conditions has always been considered from different aspects by the experts of the country's water engineering department. Gotvandaliya da

Causes of Failure and Alternative Mechanisms of Lamps

Author : Monire Alizadeh , Bahman Mostafavi , Adib Mostafavi

This paper Expounds one of the first studies on the destruction of alternative lamps based on white GaN light emitting diodes. The results indicate that the life span of LED lamps instead of the destruction of LED chips depends essentially on the durability of the drive and the optical c

Investigating and analyzing the condition of the worn texture of Jaffari neighborhood in Tehran with the approach of promoting environmental quality and providing solutions for its organization by using GIS

Author : Mahdi hamzenejad, Mahdi Shakouri, Nafiseh Shakouri

Worn texture is the objective representation inefficiency for supplying requirements of the citizens. At present, worn textures cover a significant part of our city's territory, and it houses many citizens, mostly from the poorest sections of society.  Very low peripheral quality is one

An Analysis of the Impact of Urban Development Strategy (City Development Strategy) on Urban Land Use in the Sixth Region of Tehran

Author : Mahdi Hamzenejad, Mahdi Shakouri, Nafiseh Shakouri

It is always referred to as urban planning, in urban studies, especially in the course of its operations. It is important to be in direct contact with how and how to manage urban management to create a decent quality of life for people, influenced by the way and implementation of urban plans. Bas