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Numerical investigation of cylindrical thin walled energy absorbers with preload column

Morteza Asgari

The aim of this research is to study and investigate the cylindrical thin-walled structures with preload column and analysis of various parameters that impact their performance. The preload column, with the steel straps connected to it, are components that accelerate and facilitate the process of energy absorption in this type of structure. Unfortunately despite the widespread application of these energy absorbers in the automotive, military, shipping, and transportation industries, yet few investigations have been conducted on them. The structures studied in this thesis possess straps where the force from preload column is transferred to these straps and causes crushing in the cylindrical structure. In order to optimize the performance of the energy absorber and select the best state in its design, such parameters as the height of preload column, its angle with the straps connected to it, and the number of the straps are studied. This study has been performed numerically through simulation in LS-DYNA software. Furthermore, the crushing deformation of the cylindrical tube has been studied in the desired states.

Published on the web: 09, January, 2020
Received : 17, February, 2020
Submitting : 12, December, 2020
Keyword:1- Thin walled structure
Keyword:2- energy absorber
Keyword:3- Ls-Dyna
Keyword:4- simulation

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