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Identification and Prioritization of the Effective Factors in Customer Satisfaction in B2C Business with e-scm Approach by Fuzzy TOPSIS Method

Amirreza Estakhrian Haghighi , Abdolreza Shirazi

Commerce transactions using information technology (IT) have opened a new chapter in worldwide commerce. In e-commerce, just having a business website is not an approach to exploit the benefits of this type of business. Related to this, factors such as management factors and customer satisfaction are very influential in this area. Trust and satisfaction are essential to succeed in B2C e-commerce, therefore, trust directly or indirectly affects the profit and risk of the customer's purchase. In this study, the effective factors in customer satisfaction in B2C commerce through e-scm were identified and prioritized by fuzzy TOPSIS method. SPSS software was used in this study. The results of the experiments show that the policies applied in different areas of operation are statistically desirable but have high reliability and security. Most importantly, the bank has undesirable status in two very important and strategic areas: security and technology infrastructure which can put the bank's activities at high risk. On the other hand, in the other three areas studied, the bank is only in compliance with the minimum score required to achieve a favorable degree statistically, and the results indicate that this area is susceptible to operating losses.

Published on the web: 2021.February.25
Received : 2021.January.20
Submitting : 2020.November.25
Keyword:1- Customer Satisfaction
Keyword:2- B2C Commerce
Keyword:3- e-scm Approach
Keyword:4- Fuzzy TOPSIS

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