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Environmental effects of an off-network renewable power plant at village, border post and farm

Kooshan Tahmasebi, Hossein Mousazadeh, Alireza Keyhani

Air pollution has adverse effects on the health of human, plants and animals; therefore, various methods have been suggested to decrease the mass flow rate of pollutant from power plants. On the other hand, the sources of fossil fuels are limited and new sources of energy should be employed for preparation of energy. There are different sources of energy such as solar, wind and water. In this article, the energy is produced by applying renewable energies for three areas which are named as village, border checkpoint and farm. The obtained results from SimaPro software reveals that the mass flow rate of produced carbon dioxide from suggested hybrid power plant for village, border checkpoint and farm is obtained as 37.64, 68.27 and 5951.69 ton which are lower than mass flow rate of pollutant by applying the fossil fuel sources.

Published on the web: 2021.February.24
Received : 2021, January, 11
Submitting : 2020, November, 02
Keyword:1- Environmental science
Keyword:2- Renewable energy
Keyword:3- Power plants
Keyword:4- SimaPro

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