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Investigating the role and effectiveness of industrial design in brand value creation: a case study

Alireza Ghiasian

Brand design and product packaging design is a way to value-creating and introduce the company's brand to a more open goal and also to introduce products to customers. Existing studies show that about 70% of the company's revenue can be attributed to the brand. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to investigate the role and effectiveness of industrial design in the value-creating of brands in Apple Company. The statistical population of the study includes customers of Apple products in Tehran, which were selected as a sample using a random sampling method of 266 people. A questionnaire consisting of 24 questions was used to collect information in the field. Also, test structural equations using PLS software. 53 were used to test research hypotheses. Research findings indicate that there is a positive effect of the industrial design directly and indirectly on value-creating.

Published on the web: 2021.February.24
Received : December, 23, 2020
Submitting : November, 11, 2020
Keyword:1- Brand
Keyword:2- Industrial design
Keyword:3- Value-creating
Keyword:4- user friendly
Keyword:5- Function

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