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Causes of Failure and Alternative Mechanisms of Lamps

Monire Alizadeh , Bahman Mostafavi , Adib Mostafavi

This paper Expounds one of the first studies on the destruction of alternative lamps based on white GaN light emitting diodes. The results indicate that the life span of LED lamps instead of the destruction of LED chips depends essentially on the durability of the drive and the optical components, which has a constant output over time. By comparing the lamps produced by four different manufacturers at room temperature and high temperature, we found that (1) long-term placement can change the chromaticity (color) of the lamps Which is attributed to the degradation of phosphorus or central LED reflector; (2) during a period of wear, the LED drive may degrade or decrease dramatically; or (iii) properly managing the output power; Thermal and heat dispersion reduce the degradation factor; (4) spectral transfer capability measurements and visual inspection indicate the destruction of diffuse optical components due to the short wavelength of the LED emission spectrum.

Keyword:1- Reliability
Keyword:2- replacement LED lamp
Keyword:3- emitting lamps
Keyword:4- phosphorus
Keyword:5- LED stimulator

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