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Plant establishment location along with case study

Mahmud Hojabrian , Mohammad Reza Shojaei movahhed

    One of the most important factors influencing market development and competitiveness is determining the appropriate location for the construction and start-up of companies and plants. So far, various models have been presented by researchers in the field of industrial centers location that have considered criteria such as time, cost, transportation and market as the main criteria for decision making. The present paper provides a good guidance for industrial centers location at national level. This guidance provides a variety of multi criteria decision making methods. A case study is examined in the present research to locate Alumina plant. It is tried in the present paper to determine the decision making criteria based on the requirements of the plant, the opinions of experts and managers, the location problems implications and the specific policies of industries location in the country. The provided guidance can be a suitable practice for solving the industrial centers and plants location problems at national level.

Keyword:1- location model
Keyword:2- multi criteria decision making methods
Keyword:3- industrial centers
Keyword:4- national level
Keyword:5- Alumina plant

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