Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering Sciences



The Effect of Code Generation Parameters on VEX VLIW Processor

Motahhareh Moravvej Hamedani

Embedded systems have a significant character in the present day computing which their domain of applications has extended into many filed like manufacturing, remedy and home automation. In this paper we wants to search about influences of one of such processors in recent technologies. For doing this, in the first section of this paper, we provide reader with general information about Nios processors, and we review some of the main characteristics of this chipset family in comparison with others. In the second section, we review about different flags which are existed in these processors, and how to use such flags. Section 3, will present some real tests on such processors and test the optimality of these processors.

Published on the web: 2018-09-24
Received : 2018-07-18
Submitting : 2018-06-14
Keyword:1- Chipset design
Keyword:2- VLIW Processor
Keyword:3- Code generation parameter

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