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Application of Medical Radiation Physics in Imaging

Arghavan keshavarzi baramchi

Medical physics is the application of physics to the “prevention, diagnosis and control of illness, disease and disability. Medical imaging refers to the technique and processes implemented to make images of the parts or function of human body for clinical purposes including to diagnose diseases or medical science such as the study of normal anatomy and physiology. The X-rays, Magnetic resonance, molecular imaging, optical imaging Ultrasound and radioactivity are some of well known, rapidly growing and frequently used medical diagnostic tools. Radiography is a diagnostic technique that used the ionizing electromagnet radiation, such as X-ray to view objects. Computed Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic technology that combines X-ray equipment with a computer and a cathode ray tube display to produce images of cross sections of the human body. Ultrasonography is a diagnostic technology that uses high frequency broadband sound waves in the megahertz range. MRI is a diagnostic technology that uses magnetic and radio frequency fields to image the body tissues and monitor body chemistry. Radionuclide imaging is a diagnostic technology that uses small amounts of radioactive material to produce images of internal body. The process of finding appropriate medical imaging technique is a matter of decision making and identifying the problem, different alternatives, cost, availability, suitability, physical effects and mental effects should be considered. 

Published on the web: 2018-12-24
Received : 2018-11-10
Submitting : 2018-10-12
Keyword:1- Medical physics
Keyword:2- Radiation
Keyword:3- Medical imaging
Keyword:4- Magnetic resonance
Keyword:5- Ultrasound

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