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Identification, analysis and analysis of the causes of delays in Iran's development projects and their reduction rates

Amir Yaghouti Lighvan, Maria Mackova

In this research, the effects of various factors on the emphasis on development projects by field studies and using the hierarchical analysis method have been investigated and solutions have been proposed to reduce emphasis. The results of field studies show that the impact of sanctions, inflation, and economic conditions on many projects and the implementation of operations of most of the projects have been interrupted, which should be restrained in terms of contracts or inflation control.The precision in designing and determining the price and cost of the project and the proper planning of management is one of the other ways of reducing the delays of construction projects. Based on the results of the AHP model, the delay in paying claims of contractors with the impact of 33.1% has the greatest impact, the increase in labor costs, and Kucho consumption and flow with a 26.26% effect, external trade delays, increased purchase time and external equipment utilization with an impact of 4.8% 17%, the lack of use of consultants and practitioners 8.8%, mistakes in the design and implementation of projects with an impact of 7.4%, employer problems such as lack of proper financing or delay in land tenure and provision of documents with an impact of 4 / 1 percent, increase in investment in Iran's construction projects with an impact of 3.1 percent, lowering the financial strength of banks in project financing, and an additional impact of 09.09 percent Factors delay Iran's development projects.

Published on the web: 2019-03-11
Received : 2019-02-15
Submitting : 2019-01-10
Keyword:1- Prioritization
Keyword:2- Delays
Keyword:3- Development Projects
Keyword:4- Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP

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